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Looking for a fun, thought-provoking session?  We got you.

Available for in-person and virtual engagements, our content is custom designed for your audience.  We can speak to your members, your staff, your chapters, or your Board.  We will work with you to design the right message and impact.  

Alchemy Agency speaking
Christopher Hamade


Chris is motivated by ideas that contradict the status quo, compete with conventional wisdom, and favor the counterintuitive.


His passion for entrepreneurship and use of lateral thinking have led to innovations in association brand experience and non-dues revenue for clients in Canada and the United States.

He has been featured at conferences and events, in-person and virtual, speaking on topics that offer creative perspectives, unique ideas and often matched with a bit of humour.

Alchemy Agency speaking


The following are just some of the topics we've presented (or presenting in the near future) at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).  We have also presented at the Canadian Society of Association Executives and other amazing organizations.

Breakthroughs & Outliers: Improving Non-Dues Revenue

Presented at the 2020 ASAE Annual Meeting

A Formula One pit crew shares their training regime with medical surgeons resulting in a dramatic breakthrough. 

Examples like this will challenge your approach to not only value creation, but the overlooked importance of value capture and its impact on non-dues revenue and engagement. This session offers specific tools, highly creative strategies, context, and proof of concepts resulting in astounding breakthroughs and noteworthy outliers.

Alchemy Agency speaking

The Case for Experiential Design: For Associations

Alchemy Agency speaking

COMING SOON: 2022 ASAE MMC Conference  (Washington, DC)


Experiential design uses art and science to shape the customer experience.  In so doing, we can create authentic human connection, offer compelling narratives, capture new revenue, and grow brand influence.

In this session, we walk through the art and science of how experiential design works, why it’s so effective, and what it looks like when properly executed.

Unconventional & Counterintuitive: Innovative Thinking for Association Executives

COMING SOON: 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting  (Nashville, TN)

The Sony Walkman was a commercial success because of the features removed from the product, not what was added.


We praise innovation; speak of how much we want or need to be innovative.  But innovation doesn’t happen by doing conventional things, nor is it born of common sense or intuitive logic.  Thinking unconventionally and counterintuitively can unlock astounding value, from non-dues revenue to advocacy and membership.

Alchemy Agency speaking


Enjoy a few snippets from recent talks.  Contact us to learn more about booking a custom engagement.

This is the introductory to our masterclass on Event Design + Strategy.

This excerpt was produced for an online course called Rethinking the Event Model.

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We typically charge a speaking fee and travel costs (from Vancouver, BC).  

Speaking engagements can take various forms, including keynotes, interactive workshops, or more creative engagements.

All engagements are custom designed to suit your audience and purpose.

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